Friday, June 14, 2013

Another wedding cake. Can you believe it?! Lisa and Ed were married May 18, 2013. This cake is white almond (New recipe! In love! So delish!!) with raspberry fluff  filling (seriously SO good). Lisa & Ed love to scuba dive and this whimsical ombre cake showed their love of the ocean.

The couple hand-crafted the starfish toppers. Aren't they adorable?! I made candy mold sea shells to fit the beachy d├ęcor and the "sand" is graham cracker crumbs.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wedding Extravaganza

Recently I've had the extreme honor of making my first wedding cakes!! These brides are both great friends of mine so it was my pleasure to take part in their special days!

This wedding cake was for a outdoor reception in the fall. The groom is on a gluten free diet so this Rice Krispie cake was perfect. The center tier was peanut butter treats and the top and bottom were original recipe. It was a huge hit at the party cause it's something you don't see every day! (October 20, 2012)

After having a destination wedding in Cozumel, this bride and groom had a stateside reception. They carried over the wedding colors of bright pink and black and opted for a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing with filigree decor. (Red velvet. Cream cheese. May 5, 2012)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This cake was for a lady celebrating her 60th birthday with family and friends. I wasn't given much to go on so I created this birthday present complete with a blue/purple irridescent ribbon and mint green gumpaste accents on wire. She loved it! (Chocolate chocolate chip. Gumpaste accents. Buttercream. September 10)

This cake was for Dylan's first birthday! It was a huge honor to do this cake since I did his baby shower cake last year. As any one-year-old does, Dylan loves Mickey Mouse so I created this little character for him! It was a daunting task as Mickey is one of the most recognizable faces in the world but I think he turned out great. Mr. Dylan also got his own small cake as a smash cake. I hope he enjoyed it! (White cake. Buttercream. September 11)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Here are a few of the cakes I did in August of this year. For one wedding weekend I had three projects! It started with this cake for the rehearsal dinner. It's a replica of an old wooden sign in England on the street where the couple had their first kiss. It was a staggering three tiers. (Red velvet, devils food, french vanilla. Buttercream August 18)

This soccer ball cake was a surprise for the groom and served at the wedding. (Pardon the messy background!) (Vanilla cake. Cream cheese icing. August 18)

Here are a few of the 50 cutie gumpaste daisies I made for the wedding cake baker to put on their wedding cake. What an honor! This pretty boring picture of them but will have to do until I get the official picture of the wedding cake from the couple (Gumpaste. August 18)

This cake was for a little boy named Tyler. He loves Iron Man so his mom ordered this cake complete with a toy! We wanted the wind-up race car to look like it was screeching off to its next destination in hot pursuit! (Sorry for the blurry picture!) (Chocolate chocolate chip. Buttercream. August 21)

Note to self: Missing pictures of Anna's cake 7/31 and daisy wedding cake.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Continuing Catch-Up

That last post was getting a little long so I'm continuing the catch-up here. I promise I'll be better about updating in the future!

For this cake, Mr. Brendan was turning 1! It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I did his baby shower cake (it was the one with big blocks with A,B,C and then little blocks spelling out Brendan). For this cake his mom wanted a big #1 with blue and brown polka-dots. I also did a small smash-cake for Brendan to have a ball with! (Chocolate cake. Vanilla buttercream. May 1)

This cake was for a going-away party for a person moving across the country and away from her beloved canine agility friends. This surprise cake featured all the canine agility course requirements: (l-r) Tire Hoop, See-Saw, Pause Table, Hurdle, Canvas Tunnel, and Weaving Poles. The client, who has a fantastic sense of humor, even asked for little doggie "messes" in the brush! (Chocolate cake. Vanilla buttercream. June 5.)

This cake I just adore! I did it for my sister's Virginia Tech graduate school graduation party. The VT logo and floating stars are gumpaste and the circles and ball decorations are homemade marshmallow fondant. (Strawberry and Vanilla cake. Gumpaste and fondant accents. Vanilla buttercream. May 15).

This cake was a baby shower cake for a couple having a little boy. Their friends combined the parents names, Trevor and Heather, and called the un-named baby "Treather." Knowing he would grow up to be like his mom and dad and be very into sports they asked that I included their favorites: basketball, baseball, hockey and disc golf. (French vanilla cake. French vanilla buttercream. June 26.)

Ok one more post for August (a busy month for me!) coming shortly...


Wow. It's been a while! Sorry about that! Here's what I've been working on over the last few months.

This Miller Lite bottle was done as a surprise for a woman turning 40! It's her favorite beer and was given to her on pool league night so I combined her two favorite things into one cake. (Chocolate cake. Chocolate buttercream for the bottle. Vanilla buttercream for the base. March 3)

This super sweet cake was done for Sarah, a super sweet little girl turning 7! She loves "The Princess and the Frog" movie that came out this year but mom didn't want anything super gross or scary so we sweetened it up a little bit. The "froggy" cupcakes have chocolate chips for eyes...I felt like I had an audience while decorating this cake! At the party mom put a barbie princess on top of the cake as an added birthday gift! (Chocolate cake. Chocolate cupcakes. Vanilla buttercream. March 18)

This next sweet treat accompanied the client to the annual Carolina's Cup horse race in South Carolina. The horse and jockey design replicated the 2010 promotional material. (Marble Cake. Vanilla buttercream. March 26)

This cake was a surprise 29th birthday cake for the company's main administrator. Littered with a list of "inside jokes" this cake kept everyone laughing! (Chocolate cake. Vanilla buttercream. April 1).

This cake was for a going-away party for a "Lost"-loving veterinarian who was leaving the practice. The waves are crashing on a graham-cracker and sanding sugar shore while the mysterious numbers float around the edge. I love that this cake plate goes along with the Hawaiian island theme too! (Funfetti cake. Vanilla buttercream. April 30).

This enormous sheet cake was done as a surprise grooms cake for a University of South Carolina fan. Customized with his last name and high school football number, this cake has an extra tinge of sweetness. The design is replicated in the style of the Wounded Warrior Project specialty jerseys worn in a game versus the Florida Gators in 2009. For more information on this amazing cause visit (Devil's Food Cake w/ Chocolate Chips. Vanilla Buttercream. April 30)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Topsy Super Jersey Clues. Get it?

This gravity defying topsy-turvy style cake was done for Helen's bridal shower... a Mad Hatter themed event (so, yes, it's *supposed* to be crooked!). The top tier is vanilla and the bottom is chocolate and both have a very yummy cookies and creme filling. It's sooo good.

The outside is vanilla buttercream with homemade marshmallow fondant accents colored to match the shower invitation. The crown is gumpaste painted with luster dust to make it shiny enough for the queen for a day! (Chocolate and vanilla cake. Buttercream frosting. Cookies and creme filling. Fondant accents. January 16.)

This cake was done for a Super Bowl XLIV party. Congrats to the New Orleans Saints! (Chocolate cake. Vanilla buttercream. Cookies and cream filling.)

This cake was done for Jake's 7th Birthday. Last year his cake had a guitar on it and this year we focused on his other love, Appalachian State University football. (Funfetti cake. Vanilla buttercream. February 19).

This cake is for Elijah's first birthday! His favorite cartoon character is from Blue's Clues! (White cake. Vanilla buttercream. February 20.)

These cupcakes go with Elijah's Blue's Clues cake. One of them will serve as his smash cake!

Thanks for looking! Let me know if there's anything I can do for your birthday, bridal shower, baby shower or any special occasion!